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Kids & Chiropractic

Kids & Chiropractic

Did you know that the first major trauma that our bodies experience is when we're born?  There is tremendous stress placed on the infant's neck and head when they are going through the birthing process; from spinal subluxations to significant trauma to the brainstem.

If chiropractic care is necessary to your good health and for reaching your full potential in life as an adult, then it logically follows that it is even more necessary for a child!  After all, they have nerve systems that control and coordinate all of their body functions just as you do. And, just like you, they can get subluxations that will interfere with the full outward expression of their Life force. The only difference is that they still have an entire lifetime ahead of them in which to manifest the results of what they do today.  It's Never Too Soon.


Chiro for children

Patient Testimony
A 4 week old baby had symptoms of constipation, irregular sleep, and would scream for hours. His neck, upper back and hips were out of alignment. He suffered for 2 weeks. After being adjusted once by Dr. Chris Bosler, his symptoms went away. He is no longer screaming for hours. He is happy, relaxed, and sleeping well. He is no longer constipated. His parent stated “I bring all of my children [to Dr. Bosler]. I have seen many positive results, but the change in [my] 4 week old baby was the most drastic. Dr. Bosler is great with kids of all ages. I’m thankful for his care of my son.” R.A.E.