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What's Crackin'? 

What's Crackin'? 

The Honey Brook Chiropractic & Wellness Center

We offer chiropractic services with Dr. Christopher Bosler and his team.  We also offer nutritional services with Dr. Marisa Bosler and her team. Bosler Nutrition

Do you want that extra pep in your step?  That ability to frolic through the fields without having an allergy attack?  Do you want to be able to leap for joy because winter is no more? Summer is here!  Come to the Wellness Center and get the care you need!





The Importance of Maintenance Care

Most of us assume that if there is no pain that we must be “OK”, but that is far from the truth. Many conditions exist for some time before there is any symptomatic indication of a problem. Just like a tooth, by the time it begins to hurt, the cavity has been progressing for a while, and after the dentist repairs the tooth; he doesn't tell you to stop brushing your teeth until the pain returns! How many people knew they were developing a heart condition before they began to have problems or before they had a heart attack? Regular spinal maintenance is an extremely important part of your lifestyle if you want to be truly healthy and active. We encourage you to continue investing in your future by maintaining your spinal health, for as you know, your spinal health will affect your overall health.


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